Theodore Dalrymple

Theodore Dalrymple

A determination to destroy beauty lies behind the ghastly British love affair with rubbish dumping

The message from medical journals is that the NHS is beyond criticism and reformers are motivated by economic self-interest

Tattoo art is becoming alarmingly skilled and prevalent. What does its ascent from the marginalised to the middle classes signify?

Nothing written is utterly without value, as I proved to myself by reading two random works

“Samuel Johnson’s Rasselas is calculated to destroy the illusions of dreamers”

Books in our culture have been tragically downgraded

With heroin addicts, doctors focus on harm reduction—why don’t they do the same with smokers?

A tax windfall from fracking in the North East would merely delay the inevitable day of reckoning for a bloated public sector

Jeremy Hunt claims events at Stafford Hospital were a betrayal of the principles of the NHS. In fact, they were their apotheosis

A new collection of Roger Kimball’s literary and cultural criticism places him in the exalted company of Augustine Birrell and Walter Bagehot