Stephen Glover

Stephen Glover

‘The brilliance of Daniel’s Standpoint was that it was serious and readable’

Theresa May faces a gruelling period in office, dominated by Brexit. She should reshape her Cabinet and set out a clearer political vision

Britain’s two female leaders are strikingly similar but, faced with terrorism and Brexit, the Prime Minister now has to do it her own way

After the surprising collapse of the dream ticket, the Conservatives must choose a leader who can offer optimism and hope

David Cameron is a decent man whose consensual style has worked well so far. But the fight of his life — on Europe — may yet undo him

John Whittingdale is a Culture Secretary who means business. He must stop W1A’s Europhiles from hijacking the EU referendum

As polling day nears, Conservatives are sticking to a strictly economic message. But there should be room in politics for moral arguments.

Does Rupert Murdoch know about his paper’s vendetta against the UKIP leader?

Rupert Murdoch’s critics will never concede that the tycoon has any merits — but our media would be worse off without him

Less than one year before a general election, not even the Conservatives are quite sure what David Cameron stands for, writes Stephen Glover