Simon Heffer

Simon Heffer

For too long British classical music has gone unheard. Thankfully, what was once deemed a “guilty pleasure” is now getting regular airtime

Nostalgia for the war runs deep in our cultural memory; Matthew Sweet’s new book shows why

Despite the current success of England’s test team, the county game is at an all-time cricketing low. It needs a dramatic overhaul


In 2004 John Coldstream published a life of Dirk Bogarde so good that no one should ever feel the need to write another one. Coldstream was a literary editor by trade, and in that capacity had enticed Bogarde to review books for the Telegraph. Bogarde, who was by all accounts (including Coldstream’s) not the easiest man of whom to win the trust soon came to trust Coldstream. The decision that this sensitive, thoughtful and intelligent man should write the life of the actor was inspired.

Nikolaus Pevsner was the man who catalogued England. His project is well worth another read

The teaching of grammar should be at the heart of the school syllabus. Without it we are killing intellectual curiosity

Why Atlas Shrugged, the libertarian’s bible, is back in the bestseller lists

Radio stations and record companies are finally giving our native composers some exposure – now it’s up to us to listen