Samir Shah

Samir Shah

‘It will be several months before we know the human damage the coronavirus has done. But the damage wreaked by fear has now become overwhelming’

‘The cyclist’s pent-up hostility and cavalier attitude to rules finds its apotheosis in confrontations with pedestrians’

If the country’s great collections are to be saved from the illogic of left-wing groupthink, we must find a new type of thinker

‘When I was at the BBC, the cliché was that we left our politics at the door. It appeared not to need saying that other aspects of your personal identity should also be left at the door’

‘You have to prove you have the knowledge/expertise/ experience to be allowed to step outside your own culture. To whom, I wonder, do you have to prove this?’

Blaming modern woes on past empires stokes infantilisation—condescension is colonialism’s last legacy. I’m proud of my CBE