Roger Scruton

Roger Scruton

I unwisely gave an interview to a magazine that once employed me. It was just an exercise to smear me — and to try to shut me up

Roger Scruton introduces Syrian architect and author Marwa al-Sabouni’s analysis of the root cause of the Syrian Civil War

Standing at the apex of our culture, the operatic art form remains the supreme test of any composer — as I know from experience

A new book by Harry Mount attributes the particular, phlegmatic character of the English to the nature of England itself

Binge drinking may look like a communal act, but it as an act of solitude, celebrating the self

The Western democratic state depends on a public space that is free, peaceful, and equally accessible to every citizen. How far can we go in shaping the space to meet the demands of ‘public morality’, before we upset this delicate balance?

Roger Scruton applauds a philosopher who seeks to make sense of the human condition