Robert Low

Robert Low

What’s happened to Radio 4’s Thought for the Day? An erstwhile spiritual haven has made way for a platform for please-all secularist banalities

Jonathan Coe’s new novel is set at the World Fair in 1958 and he’s captured the idealistic atmosphere where my father displayed an exhibit for the UK

The characters are duplicitous, torturing sexual predators selling Western secrets to the KGB: the baddies, right? Not in The Americans

Cruel Crossing charts the history of the escape routes in the Pyrenees used by Spanish republican, then French Jewish refugees. It is a thoughtful memorial to these brave and desperate people

The most reviled personality in British journalism is a courageous writer whose independent thought has made her the target of boorish, misogynistic and anti-Semitic abuse

The winning drink will be served at the inaugural Standpoint salon

Sports-pages-stalwart Roger Mortimer’s writing has been resurrected with the publication of letters to his children

As has been the case for hundreds of years, the appointment of Pope Francis was announced in Latin. But the BBC and Sky News didn’t know their quas from their elbows

Sylvie Simmons’s biography of Leonard Cohen uncovers the importance of his Jewish identity in understanding the troubadour’s great output

I once met Gore Vidal at a dinner party. He was less an intellectual heavyweight and more a drunken and repetitive bore