Robert Low

Robert Low

Kidnapping remains a lucrative business. Anja Shortland’s new book examines how and where it thrives

Where are Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and George Osborne? It was as if they couldn’t wait to leave Parliament, having got what they could out of the system, with no thought of putting something back

Despite the demise of the doyen of British sportswriters, reports of the demise of  sports journalism have surely been exaggerated — for now

In her lively and readable biography, Adina Hoffman charts Ben Hecht’s progress from America’s most successful screenwriter to Jewish activist

The editor of Private Eye, once Britain’s leading satirical magazine, is no dissenter but a key member of the establishment

For many, Swanton and Arlott embodied the soul of cricket themselves

Lyn Julius’s Uprooted is an authoritative history of the decline and virtual end of Jewish life in the Arab world

Blake Morrison’s new novel on a literary executor’s tussle over a poet’s posthumous publication

Hilary Spurling’s biography of Anthony Powell contains a surprising revelation: that Powell’s wife had an affair during the Second World War

Nick Clegg’s new book How To Stop Brexit is shrill and bitter, and neglects to mention that his advocacy of the EU has been personally lucrative