R. W. Johnson

R. W. Johnson

Antisemitism is on the rise in South Africa and the ANC have done much to encourage it

The Jewish exodus from France shows that Islam’s rapid growth has caused a crisis for the Continent’s oldest minority. Bromides won’t do any more

A Nazi Unitarian father, expulsion from South Africa and a ménage à trois: the author of ‘Porterhouse Blue’ lived a complicated existence

Most of the world-beating cricket team of the 1970s were anti-apartheid. Now they are shut out from the national game

South Africa’s desert is a battleground between astronomers and gas companies

Britain quietly allowed anti-apartheid exiles to run guerrilla operations from London as long as they stayed off the streets

‘I would like to think that all the politically correct Brits who lined up to condemn me for “juxtapositional racism” might say a word or two about the extinction of media freedom in a major Commonwealth country, but I am not holding my breath’

The South African judge’s Gaza report is just another example of his intensely political attitude to the law

Health care reform is one of the hardest things in politics. If Obama may be heading for defeat or a bloody draw, this is nothing compared to what awaits the ANC as it attempts to force through its National Health Insurance scheme.