Oliver Wiseman

Oliver Wiseman


 On the letters page of the new issue of Standpoint, two leading historians debate the state of history in schools today.

A 108-metre-high Eiffel tower, “Venice Water Town and “Thames Town”? It’s the Middle Kingdom’s new craze for architectural replicas

BY OLIVER WISEMAN  Thanks to a bet made during a Standpoint dialogue, Nigel Lawson has started 2013 £100 richer than he ended 2012. 

In Plutocrats, Chrystia Freeland vividly describes the lives of the very rich, but has little to say when it comes to what should be done about this new elite

Dictatorships may not be lumbering behemoths, but William J Dobson overstates the extent to which authoritarians have changed their ways

From Havana to Kigali, cricket’s good-news stories can be found in the least likely places