Oliver Wiseman

Oliver Wiseman

Free trade is not without costs — but those costs are outweighed by the benefits. And where costs exist, the answer to “open” is rarely “closed”

Hot and crowded. That is the conventional wisdom on what Planet Earth will be like in the not-so-distant future. But the related question of how many of us there will be in 50 or 100 years matters too

The high priest of  “gonzo” journalism took pride in making stories up — his legacy should be deplored

The American Left has taken refuge in an intellectual dead end, argues Mark Lilla

Built on misreadings and deceptive elisions, Nancy MacLean’s Democracy In Chains reframes the colourful tale of the American Right as a dank, dark conspiracy

The self-aggrandising Speaker has confused the importance of his office with that of its holder

The anti-politics of Nigel Farage contributed to the referendum result, but it won’t help Theresa May take on Brussels successfully

The record of the former Liberal Democrat leader and Deputy Prime Minister is too easily ridiculed