Nigel Biggar

Nigel Biggar

Much criticism of my work on ethics and empire is at best misguided and at worst wilful misrepresentation

After Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, defeatists say the UK should never again intervene militarily abroad. The PM knows they are wrong 

The Rhodes Must Fall campaign which divided Oxford was built on a misunderstanding of the past and a manipulation of the truth

Unionists fear that the SNP represents all Scots and that a break-up of the United Kingdom is now inevitable. They don’t and it isn’t

Karen Armstrong’s Fields of Blood offers a magisterial debunking of the secularist tale

The claimed benefits are doubtful and the risks for all Britons are considerable. Only a fool would vote for Salmond’s wild adventure

Did Gordon Brown’s aide receive moral formation at Peterhouse, Cambridge? If not, why not?

Despite the fearful losses we should not shrink from celebrating our forebears’ decision to resist German aggression 100 years ago

That materialists and ministers struggle to justify morality shows there is still a place for Christianity in intellectual and public life

An “established” Church of England affronts both secularists and Anglicans. But it offers the best protection for humanist liberalism