Nick Cohen

Nick Cohen

Tom Holland’s film on the origins of Islam deserves praise for not shying away from controversy

The Thick Of It wasn’t daring. Its supposedly iconoclastic writer was just mooing with the herd

The BBC’s suffocating conformism, petty prohibitions and woozy moralism are the enemy of creativity

The censorious among us can seize on vast amounts of online evidence and use it to ruin the lives of citizens at random

With extraordinary credulity the great and the good fell for far-left lies about Serbian atrocities

Strangely, it is easier to write a state-of-the-nation drama if you set it in the past

With the tabloids’ public interest defence in tatters, the BBC should beware falling into the same trap

Anti-Semitism has never been confined to the Right. Its latest manifestation is the left-wing campaign to undermine Israel

Politics is great drama, as Borgen, a fine Danish series, shows. So why do British scriptwriters ignore it?

The stars have been axed because they tried to push their show an inch upmarket