Nick Cohen

Nick Cohen

The establishment hid Cyril Smith’s crimes. Imagine what they will do when the press is state-regulated

Jacques Peretti’s BBC documentary exposes the diet industry but he misses the elephant in the room

The BBC’s fear of outsiders drives away talent and makes its news programmes timid and forgettable

The Right accuses BBC comedy of bias, but today’s left-wing comedians are conservative in all but name

Embarrassed by their own lacklustre work, Auntie’s reporters refuse to acknowledge the graft of others

British television editors still live in the 1980s, where the world of Netflix and iTunes is a distant dream

Mayday showed the originality so often lacking in management-led and prescriptive British television

So-called liberals prefer to turn a blind eye to the treatment of women by jihadists and support the enemies of America

Middlebrow TV drama like Death in Paradise is what tired viewers want and British writers do best

In broadcasting, as in literature, cynical writers devoid of self-belief are doomed to fail