Nick Cohen

Nick Cohen

The Left is paying a heavy price for its cowardice towards Islamist fascism. The state is demanding new powers to deal with the threat

The Leveson Inquiry’s carelessness with basic democratic principles has undermined journalistic freeedom

The Corporation’s reporting and investigations are still essential-but now they are threatened from within 

Our malign celebrity culture has puffed up a narcissist into a revolutionary to fill a hole where politics ought to be

Arguments made by the feminist   critics of Gone Girl demonstrate the problem the Left has with language

A new movie about the miners’ strike ignores the fact that it left Britain with nothing to feel good about

Celebrity presenters such as Jon Snow reject impartiality. But the news must not be twisted

Press officers and PRs are corrupting public life. Journalists must lead a revolt against this pestilential trade

The web has ushered in a new era of journalism-but left a gaping hole in the coverage of vital local news

In Darren Aronofsky’s Noah God punishes humanity for its crimes against the environment