Nick Cohen

Nick Cohen

‘There is nothing comfortable or comforting about modern British history’

‘Among large sections of the middle class, the belief in British good fortune and British good sense has vanished. Politically, I cannot see where their anger goes’

‘Virtually everyone I know is engaged in arguments about whether it is worth staying with either main party’

Can society stand by and allow the technology that allows people to simulate sex with their neighbour?

Promoting demagogues of Left and Right makes for increased ratings but is bad for democracy

Eurosceptics lacked the integrity to acknowledge the consequences of leaving the EU’s single market

Hollywood has finally washed its hands of a sexual predator, a mere 40 years after his conviction

The centrist ex-minister has joined Left and Right in denouncing the BBC for its political bias

The legitimate language of dissent is being abused by politicians of Left and Right alike

Putin’s propagandists are running rings round the West, aided by naive and ignorant media outlets