Nick Cohen

Nick Cohen

The BBC doesn’t know how to recognise a good series like Sherlock any more

They swoon at the feet of Tariq Ramadan and pour scorn on those who question his motives, such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali

They were all members of an obscure outpost of the hard Left. Now they’re on The Moral Maze

The scrum on College Green, showed that compared to Murdoch, the BBC isn’t so bad

Don’t be fooled by the Lib Dems’ moderate image. Nick Clegg’s party harbours some highly illiberal people

The BBC wilfully ignored Corin Redgrave’s paranoid politics and his evil friends

This election will go down as a dishonest campaign: none of the parties came clean with the voters about the economy

BBC Radio 5 Live’s commentators aren’t afraid to tell the truth about how tedious sport can be

The BBC and the rest of the media elite will never forgive Blair for betraying them

European liberalism has gone badly wrong. Why does a culture that prides itself on opposition to bigotry become so feeble when confronted by reactionary clerics?