Nick Cohen

Nick Cohen

Western liberals are happy to speak truth to power—when they are sure they won’t be thrown in prison or the subject of a fatwa

Julian Fellowes’s Downton Abbey epitomises the worst features of the culture he claims to challenge

Millions think next year’s London mayoral election is between an amiable Bertie Wooster and a Cockney cheeky chappie. Don’t you believe it

The boom years lasted so long that writers and artists lost their nose for trouble

Simplistic and divisive, the media response to the riots was utterly predictable

The odd script may show promise but TV executives are stifling British dramatists

BBC 4 failed to deal impartially with Amnesty International’s shameful loss of impartiality

For all the Arts community’s grandstanding about its political value, none of its number was brave enough to protest the late, great M.F. Husain’s plight

The sycophantic coverage of the royal wedding sidestepped the essential debate on the monarchy

British TV producers love the ethnic minorities but don’t give them any work