Nichi Hodgson

Nichi Hodgson

Chivalry as a code of manners isn’t dead; rather, its Christian credentials perished centuries ago

English convent life has slipped out of sight. But women in holy orders still have a crucial role in an increasingly secular society

Book review of The Origins of Political Order: From Prehuman Times to the French Revolution by Francis Fukuyama

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The Fawcett Society’s review has an unrealistic and unhelpful take on female disadvantage

Does ‘Fashion Maketh Woman’? Nichi Hodgson, having attended the Intelligence Squared debate, has her doubts

The press unfairly portrays the North as a lost land of poverty, crime and social tensions

Capital Affairs: The Making of Permissive Society by Frank Mort

Online only: Commentary from the final day of the Oxford Literary Festival

Online only: Commentary from the opening day of the Oxford Literary Festival