Michael Weiss

Michael Weiss

Even in the midst of Arab revolt, media outlets around the world — including many in Britain — give credence to anti-Semitic conspiracy theories

Low expectations for this week’s peace summit in Washington could actually be quite useful

If Lebanon’s unprovoked attack on an Israeli maintenance team was premeditated, it points to something darker on the horizon

“Why would a country that is both an ally of the United States and Nato as well as an aspiring member of the European Union brazenly declare its solidarity with a terrorist group outlawed by both? The answer lies in the increasingly Islamist nature of Erodgan’s regime as well as the complicated relationship his party AKP has enjoyed with I.H.H.”

There has been a liberal media blackout of the Turkish Prime Minister’s threat to expel 100,000 Armenians from Turkey, despite that same media’s exhaustive coverage of the Ramat Shlomo row

The Czech novelist Milan Kundera is accused of informing on an anti-communist as a student. Is there any truth in the charge?