Michael Mosbacher

Michael Mosbacher

It’s time to debunk the myth that the Beast of Bolsover, the oldest member of the Commons, is a brilliant parliamentary figure

‘The contrast between Jacob Rees-Mogg’s palpable decency and the meretriciousness and glibness of many politicans is striking’

‘Jeremy Corbyn will not become Prime Minister any time soon’

‘Conservative HQ has blocked the selection of prominent Brexiteers in safe Tory seats’

‘By calling an election three years before it was scheduled, Theresa May has delayed Brexit and saved Labour and the Liberal Democrats’

“If a whole set of by-elections are caused by police probes, it would be difficult for Mrs May not to call a general election”

“Could a Donald Trump — someone who says he can fix the country’s problems because of his extraordinary business acumen — be elected to high office in the UK?”

Arron Banks’s Brexit diary is a score-settling exercise, attacking everyone he fell out with during the campaign

Die Welt reported that Brexit has meant high-street businesses going bust. They couldn’t be more wrong

The ideas of the martyred pioneer of mayhem still remain potent today