Julie Bindel

Julie Bindel

‘The BBC’s new policy on “equality and diversity” reads as though it is straight out of the W1A comedy series’

‘By far the worst censors and McCarthyites are the transgender activists and their allies. There are any number of men on the Left who are happy to see women silenced and bullied for not toeing the party line’

Sarah Champion — unlike her critics — is on the side of the victims

‘Liberals are largely to blame for the normalisation and widespread nature of the new censorship. Now they are being targeted’

Whisky firms have long promoted their liquor as strictly for men, but a new generation of women has embraced the water of life

The most female-friendly role models in politics today are on the Right

The suggestion that drunkenness means it’s only non-Muslims who have a domestic violence problem ignores the sexism of Islamic laws

The clash between secularists and cultural relativists is forcing feminists to take sides — at the risk of accusations of Islamophobia

From ‘flirt coaches’ and seminars on finding your soulmate to mail-order brides, falling in love has never been more commercialised   

Even after the exposure of the true extent of sexual offences against children, influential academics continue to argue for ‘paedophile rights’