Julia Pettengill

Julia Pettengill


The recently-established lobby group Conservative Friends of Russia (CFOR) is doing little to dispel suspicions that its sympathies lie with the Russian government. 

One week after Russia’s fraud-ridden local elections, Russian opposition parties have achieved an anomaly in that country’s politics by holding what appear to have been free and fair elections to the Coordination Council new decision-making body of the opposition movement.

This week, the Moscow City Court released Yakaterina Samutsevich, one of the convicted members of the anti-Putin punk collective Pussy Riot. Samutsevich was given a suspended sentence on appeal, while the two-year sentences of Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alkhina were upheld.

The opposition party Georgia Dream has won a convincing victory in Georgia’s parliamentary elections.

The thorn in the side of Russia’s kleptocrats stands accused of nonsensical criminal charges that amount to nothing more than the bullying of a mafia state

What will it take for the Obama administration to realise that their treasured “Reset” is the foreign policy equivalent of Monty’s Python’s dead parrot? The insults and harassment heaped upon Michel McFaul, the American Ambassador to Russia, apparently aren’t enough.

To its shame the international community has acquiesced in the Kremlin’s mafia-style state capitalism. This appeasement stifles any chance of democratic progress

As US Congress threatens to withdraw aid to the Palestinian Authority, its role as the Middle East’s political victim is reprised yet again

The rise of conservative feminism in the US shows that gender doesn’t determine political affiliation

The use of federal courts for terrorist trials highlights the hypocrisy of Obama’s counterterrorism policies