Joshua Rozenberg

Joshua Rozenberg

‘Temporarily withdrawing from the human rights convention in order to deport Abu Qatada would be absurd’

‘Why did a member of the University and College Union sue it for supporting academic boycotts of Israel?’

‘The Muslim Council wants Muslims to be able to settle family disputes according to Islamic principles. Fine, but only if those principles are consistent with the law of the land’

‘Three-quarters of applications for judicial review were immigration and asylum charges. Permission was refused in five cases out of six

‘Why should the press agree to fund and support a regulator that would stop it making money, as the Leveson inquiry proposed?’

‘For 30 years, Richard Susskind has been predicting how the legal profession will be changed by technology. He has been proved right’

‘Why did it take you so many years for Abu Hamza to be extradited to the US? The main reason was delay in the European Court of Human Rights

‘We should respect the rights of those with religious convictions so long as those beliefs do not conflict with the rights of others’

‘The offence of “scandalising the court” is obsolete. Judges who are traduced should either rise above it or sue for libel’

‘To protect the priceless asset of judicial independence, we need to take great care over the way we choose our judges’