Jonathan Gaisman

Jonathan Gaisman

Few of even the greatest writers have managed to capture the emotional, elusive, essence of music

Miklós Bánffy’s Transylvanian Trilogy is full of exceptional richness, character and colour

Francis Thompson’s strange and ephemeral life gave rise to poetry which, though long out of fashion, captures the nostalgia of cricket

The chansons of Reynaldo Hahn are haunting and evocative. They deserve to be better known

Despite incessant attacks from militant atheists, God is not dead. To doubt is human, but we can still take comfort in the sacred mysteries

Chopin and Wanda Landowska were very different musicians with only one thing in common

Two centuries on, Beethoven’s Hammerklavier Sonata is still as enigmatic and sublime as ever

A Milan exhibition shows how much Dürer was influenced by the Italian masters

Director Willy Decker makes a plausible case that the eternal  feminine underpins The Ring

The cornerstone of our legal system has withstood the encroachments of EU and statute law, but the jury is out on its long-term future