Jonathan Foreman

Jonathan Foreman

It is September 2016. The 1707 Act of Union lies rotting in the dustbin of history.

The iconoclastic doctor and writer whose diagnosis of the pathologies of the British underclass goes back decades has been thoroughly vindicated after England’s riots

The historic city in Pakistan’s North West Frontier — home to the Smugglers’ bazaar, Khyber Pass and Grand Trunk Road — is seeing its rich culture eroded by religious fundamentalism

The alternative human rights conference highlights causes that are too often ignored or forgotten by organisations like Amnesty International

Blacklisted by Hollywood, my father Carl Foreman made a new life in Britain. But he never forsook the country of his birth, says Jonathan Foreman

‘Then the beating began. One of the new arrivals punched Christopher hard in the face. Two others grabbed his arm and started dragging him across the street. For the first time the Hitch looked scared’

Standpoint‘s Writer-At-Large visits the slums of Mumbai to assess the Oscar-winning film