John Ware

John Ware

As the controversial prosecution of British soldiers shows, Northern Ireland’s past still has the potential to scupper peace and prosperity

When an East End primary head teacher tried to ban the hijab for small girls, a vicious campaign against her was unleashed by activists

Despite the attack at a London mosque, we must expose the jihadist lie that the West is Islamophobic and take pride in our open society

The Prevent anti-extremism programme is threatened by Islamists, Salafists and the Left. Too few Muslims are standing up for it

The Islamist organisation’s tentacles reach deep into British life. Yet many Muslim leaders in this country deny evidence of its influence

David Cameron’s deradicalisation strategy depends on guiding potential jihadists away from Islamic extremism. But can the mentors be trusted?      

In May, Gerry Adams told Prince Charles he wanted justice. But he should be careful what he wishes for—Sinn Féin too has much to hide  

A court has confirmed what many Londoners knew: the deposed mayor’s reign in Tower Hamlets was divisive, dishonest and corrupt

Mainstream Muslims are turning a blind eye to the links between religious hostility to the West and the growth in jihadist attacks

Two reports confirm the worst allegations about a ‘Trojan Horse’ plan to impose an intolerant Islamic ethos on British state schools