Jamie Whyte

Jamie Whyte

The author of The Black Swan, so fashionable among credulous capitalists and gullible politicians, is by turns banal and bombastic

The neo-Canutists who invented the European single currency are still blind to its irremediable design faults

Why should we, as is de rigueur, believe the notion that all property is ultimately collective?

I’d rather have a meatier, hotter and smellier world then give up beefy pleasures in order to reduce cow flatulence

New Labour have not only eroded our liberty and destroyed the public finances – they’ve abused the English language too

The inventor of Red Toryism — said to have the ear of David Cameron — is totally confused about the welfare state and the markets

The Left is resurgent in the Labour Party, but its egalitarian agenda is utterly inconsistent

‘If teenagers want to pick up rubbish in parks or read to the blind, nothing prevents them — apart from red tape. Most do not do community work simply because they do not want to