Jacob Willer

Jacob Willer

The “Alternative Guide to the Universe” claims to offer bracingly fresh perspectives. In fact it gives us the opposite, and is all the more interesting for it.

Marxist art historians cherish his Cubism, but he later became a true artist, not just a modernist

Murrillo’s reputation has fallen in the face of modernist trends. Two new shows have reestablished his genius as a master of the numinous

Critics may be heralding the end of contemporary art as we know it, but nothing will change as long as artists worry about how fashionable, rather than how good, their work is

Art-as-commodity is no longer fashionable, so the former promoters of the avant-garde are now hedging against it

The narrative of Will Gompertz’s history of modern art faithfully follows the Serota tendency, claiming modern art always trumps that which it supplanted

In six years of study I didn’t learn a single thing that would be of any use to me in my ambition to become a figurative artist