Iain Martin

Iain Martin

To some in the Conservative Party he is a scheming charlatan with no policies. To others his star power could be worth harnessing

The Prime Minister acts like a figure from the era of Clinton and Blair. Their style of politics is dead and he needs a new one

With Steve Hilton on sabbatical in California, it’s high time Cameron ditched the Big Society.

Michael Gove said he would never stand for the Tory leadership. But Iain Martin wrote, in 2012: “Perhaps he will be able to overcome his fear . . . Those who care about the future of this country should hope so: the Tories need their Iron Laddie and so do we.”

We have a tremendous opportunity to reconfigure our place in the EU. Does David Cameron have the courage to seize it?

Alex Salmond’s slogan, “Independence in Europe”, is no longer appealing. Unionists have a chance to reset the referendum debate

The riots have given this pragmatic Prime Minister a chance to impose a tough new social agenda and relaunch his leadership