Iain Martin

Iain Martin

Voters north of the border are gripped by a nationalist mania. The SNP’s zealotry means I no longer feel as at home there as I once did

The Mayor of London may see himself as the coming man of destiny, but there are plenty of rivals to thwart his path to 10 Downing Street

Political elites have yet to grasp that voters will soon demand protection from the harsh impact of the Second Machine Age

The Prime Minister can handle the pressure of a crisis. But he has found it more difficult to set out a Conservative vision for Britain

UKIP may have peaked but the Eurosceptic party is still likely to take enough Tory votes to catapult Ed Miliband into Downing Street

Our future King’s dominion will be unrecognisable but the political class has not yet come to terms with its fast-changing landscape

‘Are we seeing the disintegration and potential death of the party system?’

David Cameron must calm backbenchers and win back the core voters he has recklessly offended, before reaching out to the centre ground

Cameron thinks Obama’s victory vindicates Osborne’s social liberalism but they both need to focus on aspiration and prosperity

Critics of the flawed euro project have been vindicated but gloating is premature. They need to set out their own vision