George Weigel

George Weigel

The 44th President of the United States replaced Pax Americana with a new world disorder. Will the 45th learn from his mistakes?

In toppling Yanukovych, Ukrainians risked their lives to tell the West that true freedom means more than just individualism

The Roman station church pilgrimage of Lent, an ancient Christian tradition, was revived in the late 20th century by Anglophone believers living in Rome and led by the seminarians and student-priests of the Pontifical North American College. The pilgrimage winds its way through the city from Ash Wednesday through the Octave of Easter: a specific church is assigned as the “station” of each day, in a sequence first formalised by Pope St Gregory the Great in the late sixth century. 

The US administration’s assault on religious freedom is just part of its wider attack on the institutions of civil society

Pope Benedict XVI champions Evangelical Catholicism, a dynamic concept of faith in the line of Leo XIII and John Paul II, which challenges the West’s current understanding of the relationship between church and state

Quebec’s approach to garbage disposal shows that political correctness is thriving in Canada

The first state visit by a Pope is dogged by scandal, but Britons should relish this unique encounter with an extraordinary man

Four years into his pontificate, Benedict XVI faces a crisis. Rome needs a revolution if his global mission is to succeed

Benedict XVI has confounded the critics who expected him to be a ‘caretaker’ pontiff