Edward Lucas

Edward Lucas

‘Unlike its bigger counterpart the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan is a beacon of democracy, freedom and the rule of law’

‘Russia successfully meddles in Western politics, but I now worry more about China’

‘Under Trump, the US has lost its ability to conduct statecraft: in North Korea it has made a dangerous situation worse’

The reality of the end of the Cold War was a lot more complicated than the myths which have formed around it would suggest

Our failure to face up to the Russian ruler could have dire consequences

Anyone who has seen The Bourne Identity, or the many similar Hollywood films, finds the Edward Snowden saga familiar. A heroic fugitive insider is hunted by a rogue government agency. As the credits roll, our man on the run is vindicated, thanks to a combination of media coverage and belated congressional scrutiny. He gets the girl. The villains go to jail.

In her biography of Patrick Leigh Fermor, Artemis Cooper tells the compelling story of an extraordinary career

Anne Applebaum’s magisterial Iron Curtain tells the largely untold story of Eastern Europe’s suppression at the hands of the Soviets after the Second World War

Both the Russian intelligentsia and the people have lost faith in their leader—but he won’t go quietly, whatever the voters’ verdict