Dominic Green

Dominic Green

Radical young Democrats such as Ilhan Omar are rising, while stars from the golden age of Democratic centrism are losing the big-ticket Millennial audience.

The Scots, Welsh and Irish have an authentic tradition of folk songs. England demonstrably does not

The “folk-singing” darling of the Corbynistas is a musical and political fake

‘As Silicon Valley comes to Washington, the pattern of 21st-century journalism is emerging’

“Punk’s politics began in creativity and generalised disgust, but ended in stupidity and fascism”

“The only thing worse than living in the mausoleum of a dead writer is living with a bunch of living ones”

“Social justice” and the New Left’s takeover of academic institutions

Great art endures; great art forever changes.

Every piece by the Italian printer and type designer is a paragon of the art

The 150th anniversary of Alice In Wonderland sees a reissue with Salvador Dalí’s psychedelic 1969 illustrations