Daniel Johnson

Daniel Johnson

Mary Beard’s bête noire, the father of art history and archaeology

“All but ready to give up in despair, our opinion-formers wallow in recrimination and blame”

Oxfam’s former chief executive now stands accused of complacency and hypocrisy

A City high-flier (and mother of nine) who is always willing to challenge the status quo

“Civilisation” implies so much that defies definition, but is instantly recognisable. So here is an attempt to illustrate by a literary example what seems to us to be worth defending

Laura Freeman’s The Reading Cure is a miraculous memoir — both a compendium of learning lightly worn and a record of her recovery from anorexia

From martinet to martyr at the Royal Academy’s show examining the art collection of Charles I

Do we pay enough attention to what the great wartime leader actually said?

Readers of the Guardian are still ruminating over the “Long Read” essay by the paper’s Editor-in-chief Katharine (“Kath”) Viner that appeared on November 16. After several thousand words about the paper’s Manchester origins, its occasionally embarrassing history (it backed “the slave-owning south in the American civil war” and opposed the NHS) and the great C.P. Scott (just plain “Editor”), she cut to the chase: “The Guardian is now funded more by our readers than by our advertisers.”

‘We need a national debate about the kind of country we now hope to be; and we need it now.’