Daniel Johnson

Daniel Johnson

The ruthless architect of the English Reformation

The Lord Protector welcomed Jews and tolerated Catholics

“At the time of writing it is Mrs Merkel, rather than Mr Trump, whose authority is falling away”

The greatest American journalist of his generation, who overcame severe disability but has died in his sixties

The culture of intolerant individualism preaches diversity but practises conformity

The grotesque sight of politicians lining up to praise communism’s founder should not blind us to the crimes committed in its name

Far more than just a jolly trip down memory lane, with a backdrop of dreaming spires, this is a moving and mature work

A man of science and the humanities who seeks a balance between research and ethics in the pursuit of a worthy life

‘Trump may not be the ideal leader of the free world. But he understands what is at stake, he knows what must be done and he has the willpower to see it through’

Thoughts on the survival of Western civilisation