Daniel Johnson

Daniel Johnson

‘We, the victors of the Cold War, the liberators of the evil empire, could never have accomplished our bloodless triumph without a good measure of idealism’

The Tory leader’s Big Society speech promises a revolution. But have we been here before?

It was a rare privilege to have a footnote in history at the fall of the Berlin Wall, which led to the collapse of communism

‘We need to confront the forces of chaos wherever and in whatever form they appear’

‘Italy is a microcosm of Europe: if democracy and the rule of law die there, the writing is on the wall for the rest of us’

Richard Evans has accused fellow historian Andrew Roberts of inaccuracy, but failed to check his own facts

‘What do Muslim women want? It is not for a non-Muslim man to say. But I can confidently say what most of them do not want’

Politicians like Boris Johnson should look to Berlin for inspiration when devising education policies

This year’s war on expenses is nothing compared to the one started in 1939 – World War II

‘Obama may preach about audacity but the enemies of the West are more likely to practise it’