Daniel Johnson

Daniel Johnson

‘The papal visit has revealed the new atheists’ attempt to abolish the boundary between church and state, to the detriment of the former’

“We should be under no illusions: if Israel falls, the rest of the West will be next.”

A fine new tribute explains why Mahler matters more than ever

‘There is a real danger that the new coalition will overlook the urgent need to restore the ladders of aspiration that have been wilfully kicked away since the 1960s’

David Cameron has his hands full keeping his coalition with Nick Clegg going while the country is in crisis. Is he up to the task?

‘It was on the road to Pisa that my family and I had our revelation of the fragility of Western civilisation’

‘Alfred Toepfer was not an ambivalent figure: he was a Nazi before, during and after the war’

‘The British people will soon have to make a momentous choice’

The editor-proprietor of the London Review of Books is clear about her prejudices. Not so clear is why the Arts Council should fund her magazine