Christopher Fildes

Christopher Fildes

‘Tax havens are distant and mysterious, and presumably up to no good. What better scapegoats could there be?’

‘In the 1970s, with inflation at 25 per cent, anyone who bought gold could be sent to prison’

The Bank of England has for a long time been hanging policy on one economic indicator and hoping for the best

Many in the 1970s predicted the demise of the railway. A new book by Richard Faulkner and Chris Austin tells how the foresight of a select few saved the trains

An arcane deal for the UK to write off a chunk of Argentina’s debt in exchange for an end to squabbling over the Falklands was turned down by the British government. It would have saved a lot of trouble

Founder of Singapore, emancipator of slaves, discoverer of the world’s smelliest flower: Stamford Raffles comes alive in Victoria Glendinning’s biography

The gap between big business and small businesses is growing. Unfortunately Vince Cable and Mervyn King are no bridge builders

‘The subtitle of the Financial Services Bill should be “We think Gordon Brown got it wrong”‘

‘Nothing in life is free, banking included… Free banking makes for a false market — it misleads both the banks and their customers and opens the door to mis-selling’

Occupy protestors rightly identify the City’s failings, but, as Terry Smith points out, the market itself is not the enemy.