Charles Parton

Is the CCP guilty of crimes against humanity?

The religion, education, culture and language of China’s ethnic minorities are being forcibly constrained and changed

The war against Chinese Christians

There is a sustained and wide-ranging programme of repression against religions which challenge the CCP’s socialist core values

Engineering the soul of China

Xi’s revolution in values and education is a tool for totalitarianism

Suffering from chronic repression

Fears of a new Cultural Revolution are beginning to look justified as Xi Jinping advances the pace of control in China

China has a strategy and Britain doesn’t

A roadmap to better relations requires realism. Beijing’s interests and goals are openly stated—if you know where to look

Doomed by data, our new Trojan Horse

Surveillance is tightening inside China—but our carelessness also gives the regime huge capabilities abroad

Underrated: Abroad

The ravenous longing for the infinite possibilities of “otherwhere”

The king of cakes

"Yuletide revels were designed to see you through the dark days — and how dark they seem today"