Ben Judah

Ben Judah

Hillbilly Elegy, J.D. Vance’s memoir of his Appalachian upbringing, is required reading for understanding why Americans rejected Hillary

From inner-city Paris to la France profonde, immigration has changed everything

Eurasian ideology, with its appeal to a glorious but bogus past, is assiduously promoted by the Kremlin to shore up the regime

In rural Scotland there has been a surge in support for breaking up the estates

‘Like everyone else in Kiev my friend has been having nightmares’

‘The first who came to Tuva had come in search of Belovode: a mythical Russian utopia that peasants believed existed out in Siberia’

Ben Judah’s best Standpoint writing is now available as an ebook

‘There is a whole Eastern European city of half a million people in London. More than 80 per cent have arrived since 2004. It is a city working in basic jobs, with a sprinkling of Russian aristocrats and Bosnian refugees.’

Chernovtsy’s literary festival is an unexpected way for residents to connect with the Ukrainian city’s lost past

‘Uman has been called the Hasidic Mecca and the Hasidic Glastonbury. Overwhelmingly, however, the pilgrimage is rejected as “un-Jewish”, even by other ultra-Orthodox Jews’