Anthony Daniels

Anthony Daniels

Immigration officials may be fearsome but they act as no deterrent against illegal immigrants

The cross of St George is everywhere, and is a symbol of the militant ugliness of countless English people

Ludicrous Health and Safety measures in our schools mean that children are wearing knee-pads to prevent scrapes while they play in litter-strewn playgrounds.

The enormous hidden costs of low-cost air travel are symptomatic of a disturbing cultural shift

Our justice system suffers from a sentimental preoccupation with legally irrelevant testimony to victims’ personalities

Our refusal to address others as ‘Sir’ or ‘Madam’ stems from our ideological revulsion against hierarchy 

The philosopher-physician should be praised for swimming against the post-modernist current

Why do so many people insist on wearing baseball caps? Is it from a perverse desire to look stupid?

Charity shops are now a British peculiarity, but their bookshelves often contain real gems amongst the airport fiction

Being a shelf-stacker at a supermarket is not a dishonourable occupation, and we should be thankful for those that do it