Every day of this year’s triennial week-long Catholic festival in Madrid, Anna Halpine reports from the world’s largest gathering of young people.

I have a piece in the Saturday edition of Lebanon’s Daily Star looking at the motivations behind Anders Breivik’s attacks last month.  Click here if you’re interested.

When is it in the public interest to disclose the details of a TLA’s sexual relationships? My latest column for the bumper print edition of Standpoint.

Susanna and the Elders, the woodcut pictured, shows me on the right and the painter Tim Behrens on the left, admiring a pretty waitress in a bar. We are being observed by some younger people. The paintings are still lifes made up of objects and postcards from my studio. Sometimes a still life may be composed partly by chance; for instance, the black cloth fell into that twisted shape accidentally, creating what looked like a little empty stage which I then dressed. Sometimes the objects are there for more personal reasons. I thought of the little monkey gazing at my baseball cap as a self-portrait. I like to paint things that I know well; that is why the ink bottle, the Mexican skull and the monkey appear more than once. I have painted the lion about ten times. Here are a couple of remarks about painting that I always bear in mind when I work:


Read my article on Jewish Ideas Daily, One Woman Army, about Elena Bonner, who died last week aged 88. It describes my meeting in 1991 with the widow of Andrei Sakharov, the Soviet scientist and dissident, and provides a portrait of this indomitable campaigner for human rights.

William Meyers, who wrote about photography for the New York Sun, is one of those rarities — a critic who can also create. Some of his time he spends writing, eloquently and insightfully, about photography. Often, he straps on his Leica and prowls the city, producing museum-quality work of his own. This is attested by his new project “Civics”, which includes these photographs and scores of others. Meyers springs from a tradition of New York photography of civic matters that goes back to the pictures that illustrated How the Other Half Lives by Jacob Riis, a contributor to the Sun. in the 19th century.

The Point would like to alert Standpoint readers to a new publisher, Notting Hill Editions, and its online journal, dedicated to the art of the essay. Sharing Standpoint‘s aim to provide its discerning readers with unashamedly highbrow pieces in an era characterised by an ethos of instant throwaway communication, Notting Hill Editions — edited by deputy books editor of the Independent, Lucasta Miller — launched yesterday with work from authors Roland Barthes and Georges Perec.

Belatedly, the Prime Minister has caught up with the announcement I made on March 24 by confirming that Jonathan Sumption QC and Sir Nicholas Wilson will be appointed to the Supreme Court.

The loss of a figurehead as iconic as Osama bin Laden will come as a blow to al-Qaeda and its supporters, but is unlikely to fatally undermine the movement.

Reproduced below is my latest analysis for the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation, King’s College, London.