And more on travel fiddles

I have a piece in today’s Independent about the great Ryanair fiddle problem which I hope puts across some of the crucial points that people who’ve never faced the issue usually don’t ‘get’. Here it is.

A violinist friend, Simon Hewitt Jones, has just been in touch to point out that the department of transport issues security guidelines that advise that it is absolutely fine to carry an instrument as well as hand-luggage aboard an aircraft, and that the TSA in the States offers similar advice. Airlines should cooperate with these national policies.

Another violinist friend, Philippe Graffin, makes the point that a violin case strapped into a seat is actually too small to be secure there. It’s much safer in the overhead compartment, cushioned by coats.

The really annoying thing about all this – and the threat it would pose to the entire music world should other airlines be unwise enough to follow suit – is that it is so desperately unnecessary.

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