Carol Robertson

The British abstract artist Carol Robertson has been making paintings based on geometric forms for many years but consistently returns to the circle. In her current London exhibition, Circular Stories, the paintings are entirely based on circular motifs. Of these she says:

The circle is the purest and most archetypal geometric form. It has a universal resonance, so is frequently found in art, architecture and ritual. It’s an evocation of the universe and the heavens, the journey inward or outward to the centre: a symbol of wholeness, completion and infinity, the unbroken line with no beginning or end, the eternal cycle.

Geometry allows me to concentrate on the essential. It gives me the freedom to channel sensory or poetic material and it takes the chaos out of what would otherwise be an impossibly vast set of visual options to pin my existence upon. Colour adds personal stories: it’s like music, a fast-track to our emotions. I use it to summon things both seen and felt. It can reference almost anything.

Circular Stories is at the Flowers Gallery, London, until January 10. A new publication, Carol Robertson and Trevor Sutton: French Paintings, is also available. Below, from top: Night Painting For F; Circular Stories – Alayrac Pink; Aura; Day Painting For R.

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