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In the face of so much enmity towards Israel, what is needed is more than a gesture. Of course, gestures of solidarity are important. If members of the British Royal Family visit Israel to mark the Balfour anniversary, Theresa May’s gesture will be deeply gratifying for Israelis. If the US Embassy is indeed moved to Jerusalem, Donald Trump’s gesture will send a powerful signal — to be followed, I hope, by Britain and perhaps even Germany. But what really needs to happen — and soon — is an explicit security guarantee for Israel, enshrined in an alliance, and signed by all those nations that claim to belong to the West. What I propose to call the Israel Security Treaty would state that any attack on Israel should be treated as an attack on the West. Such a treaty would be unique, in that reciprocity would not be required: Israel has its hands full defending itself. But the threats that I have listed are also unique.

It may be argued that merely to propose such a treaty would be provocative. But is it so provocative for Europe and America to acknowledge the self-evident fact that Israel is part of the West? More provocative than regularly threatening to drive Israelis into the sea? More provocative than the global propagation of Holocaust denial? More provocative than funding terrorism and extremism across the West? More provocative than denying the right of 400,000 Jews to live on the West Bank, even though 1.7 million Arabs live in Israel? More provocative than comparing Zionists to Nazis? All these are official positions that have been or still are those of various Arab and Islamic states and Palestinian representatives. Some of these views have even been adopted by Western politicians or academics, seemingly indifferent to their provocative nature. The New York Times, like other Western media, strove officiously to play down evidence of the Shoah in order to avoid provocation throughout the Second World War. Where the survival of the Jewish people is at stake, I do not believe in avoiding provocation. The only way to persuade the Muslim world that the Jewish state is here to stay is to stop appeasing Palestinian demands — as the French government did by hosting a ridiculous “Middle East summit” in January. There are signs of a more realistic attitude in some Arab governments; it is even conceivable that Mahmoud Abbas will take up Mr Trump’s offer to broker a deal, although I wouldn’t trust the Palestinians not to find an excuse to walk away, as they did in 2000 and 2008. In any case, Hamas won’t be party to such a deal: their new, “moderate” document (which doesn’t abrogate the genocidal anti-Semitism of their founding charter) still calls for Hamas-controlled Palestine to reach from the river to the sea, thus eliminating the “Zionist entity”.

Right now, Israel may feel relatively secure and the future looks bright. But our intelligence services — I except of course the Mossad, which knows everything — failed to predict almost every major event of the postwar era. In the last decade they failed to foresee the global financial crisis, the Arab Spring, the emergence of IS, the Russian invasions of Georgia, Crimea and Ukraine, the European refugee crisis, Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. If anybody here can honestly claim to have predicted all of these events, I should be grateful if he or she would put in a word for me with the Almighty. Not even prophets and patriarchs, let alone presidents or prime ministers, can anticipate the course of destiny: mere mortal prescience has its limits.

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Eliahu Nov PhD
October 13th, 2017
5:10 AM
Ihave just finished your breath taking article 'The Fate of the West' (Hebrew version, Keren Tiqwa's 'Hashiloach' periodical). Actually, during the years (I am 74) I thought and talked along the same patterns that your article outlined. Your article only enabled me to formulate my beliefs more clearly ond orderly. However, in the present ultimate worldwide havoc situation we now need it is NOT suffice to only publish paperes and essays but to take ACTIVE steps to outline VALID PRACTICAL strategies to turn the clumsy ship to a better direction ie establishing/ organising an INTERNATIONL 'new masons'movementto fight, reveal and conquer the strongholds of both distructive powers in both extremes you elaborated in your article. Real measures must be taken to save the planet . ALL aspects (philosophical, communication, hard & soft scientific , networks, literate etc etc tools) must be discussed and published . Prominent Politicians and proffessionals must be reqruited to lift the flag of 'Re-enlightment' .

August 6th, 2017
11:08 AM
Articulate and compelling. Guarantees to Israel from Europe won't suffice. For every John 23 there is a Pius 12, even today. The ability to be an Anti-smite while occupying the moral high ground is just too attractive to many of today's Christian Europeans. Though they endanger themselves, theirs is the cry of Samson "let me die along with the Philistines". My hope is that reasonable views, such as yours, will prevail in the never ending struggle.

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