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They've made all the rules a lot stricter now. Apparently. You can be arrested. 

No — I think they've made them less strict, haven't they?

Depends who you believe, Emily.

I'm not sure I believe anyone any more. 

Except Caitlin M of course.

Haha! Natch! Except the fab Caitlin M! She was VERY big on this Twitter Silence thingummy of course — did you see?

I missed that.

How I love that gel! Say what you like, but she is One Brave Lady.


And something had to be done. It's such an important mode of communication for women — isn't it? I know you're not on Twitter — yet. But you will be. Before long. And you'll have to develop a thick skin. Pronto. To survive it. Trust me.

Have you ever received an abusive tweet, Tilly?

Hmm? I don't want to talk about it...

Oh go on!

I have. Yes. Made me feel filthy, Emily. A bit like I'd been raped...

What did it say?

I can't tell you. Too disgusting. I actually felt literally violated afterwards.

But you've hardly got any followers...Why would they pick on you?

They don't have to be followers, Ems. Just tools. You know? Looking for strong, attractive attack...

But you're not noticeably "strong" — I mean you are. Obviously. And I'm not being rude and you're very attractive in real life — as you know. But your pic — it's mostly of the kids, isn't it? With your head sort of poking out behind. I don't see...

Well — you can be dismissive if you want.

What did it say?

I told you, I don't want to talk about it.

It can't be that bad! The guy only had 140 characters...

You can sneer. If you want to. But as a feminist — 

As a feminist?

Emily — 

Seriously, Tills — I adore you. But really — "feminist" indeed! You just read something somewhere about feminism being the new black...or whatever. You don't even know the meaning of the word.

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