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Party Lines
September 2010


Teach them that, we've taught them a lesson for life.

On a more prosaic note...What are your lot up to? 

Goodness, that's a question-and-a-half. Just keeping tabs is a full time job...Lily's in New York, doing one of those Summer Drama School thingies. Which is super. 

Good for her.

Archie's starting his A-levels any minute. So as a sort of reward, he's been out in Nassau. "Helping out", ha, ha, with the er...well, his godfather's got this gorgeous little diving school. Being waited on hand and foot. Having the time of his life, I should think.

Shame he couldn't do it over Christmas. Very hot, Nassau, this time of year.

And I text him, three times a day, Lul. One word: "SUNSCREEN". But you know, once they get beyond a certain age...

And Ollie?

Ollie was meant to be in London over the summer. Working at Martin's office. But can I get him back from Ibiza? Nope. He's got his best friend out there — super rich.

What FUN... 

But as I said to Martin — so long as we don't get hit with a sodding great bill for it...I couldn't give a monkey's. Frankly.

Hear, hear!

Just so long as he's having fun. 

Oh, bless.

You're only young once, after all.

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