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Good summer, Lulu?

Not really, since you ask. Think I spent the whole ruddy thing in A&E. 

Not you too! I was thinking I ought to set up a tent there. Theo's in and out of that place like a... like a...

Thing that goes in and out of a place! 

Ha ha! That's right! 

First Eliza. Cut her lip jumping into Laura's swimming pool.

Oh no!

Next up — Alfie. Mucking about on Ollie's quad bike, if you please...


Double eek. His big toe's swollen up like a football.

Silly nit!

Then it was Eliza again. Fell off the trampoline. 

Ouch! Theo cracked a rib doing that. Was she all right? 

After the 75-hour wait — and the vending machine out of order...Yes, she was...

Thank goodness!

Mind you, I insisted on an MRI. They weren't going to give it to me. Kicked up an almighty...I dropped every name under the sun...

Good for you!

Anyway, so eventually they caved in. Had to wait bloody hours of course...

We've got a little game we play...We call it the NHS waiting room game.  

Oh yes?

It's absolutely hilarious. Theo goes up to every person in the waiting room. And he asks them a simple question..."Excuse me, do you have the time?" Then he counts how many of them can actually answer him in English!  

Ah, ha ha! None, I should think!

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