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Party Lines
October 2010

He's turned us into a cynical nation, Laura. That's his legacy. We've lost our trust.


It is.

Oh. Talking of politicians and their bons mots. Ex-politicians. Sarah Brown.

Oh yes? Heart her.

One of her kids got on to Mummy's computer the other day...Did you hear about it? ...and accidentally dispatched a tweet to her 750,000-plus followers.


YES. Total Gobbledegook...

Too sweet...

Too tweet!

Ha, ha!

I never thought I'd say it about anyone connected to the last government. Can't get enough of her and her tweets. I heart her.

Oh, me too. We all do. 

Sarah had to apologise. The moment she realised, she wrote: "In future, I won't be letting junior tweeters get near the computer." Ha, ha, ha. It's just so human, isn't it?

Just the sort of thing one of us might do.

...lakdlkallkjkljdlkjlkjglksjg fsg' lfs;lgk;lsfg;lsk kdjalkeo lda;ld a'uefdfadfnlingaoi... That's all it said.

Too hilarious.

Isn't it? 

And here's me saying political memoirs are dead. But I tell you...

Me, too. Absolutely can't WAIT to read hers

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