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Poor Lulu's feeling a bit fragile at the moment.

I bet she is. Poor old thing. Are they splitting up?

Not yet. But I wouldn't be surprised if we see a lot of marriages hitting the rocks in the next few months. Don't you think? All those Alpha husbands suddenly moping around at home...

With empty wallets.

With empty wallets. Right... I said I'd buy her lunch.

Oh, that's nice. Where are you taking her?

I thought the Wolseley...

Gosh! Very flash.

Can't afford it, of course, but you know...

At least we didn't marry investment bankers!

Thank God for small mercies...

So. What's the situation exactly? With Lulu. Do we know?

The situation is - he's lost everything. That's what. Had it all tied up in some supersonic fund - I'm not really sure... Then last week, suddenly, whole thing went belly up. Phut! No job. No savings. Massive mortgage on the house. Three children at private school... They're buggered, basically.

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